CX190 / Raw edge Cogged Belt type CX 7/8 in top width

Reference: CX190 Cogged V Belt
Top Width: 7/8 in
Height: 17/32 in
Length: 190 in Inside; 194 in Outside
Equivalent to: CX190; CX 190; CX-190; A-CX190; CX190 V-Belt; BTQ-CX190

Description: CX190 raw edge Belt
• Reference: CX190
• Length: 190 in Inside Length; 194 in Outside Length
• Top Width: 7/8 in
• Height: 17/32 in
• Weight: 3.19 lb
• Material: Rubber cushion; polyester cable cord as reinforcement and rubber impregnated woven cotton-polyester fabric
• Temperature Resistance: -35√î√¶‚à´C to +70√î√¶‚à´C
• Recommended use: Agricultural and Industrial machinery
• Recommended pulley diameter: More than 180mm (7-1/6√î√¶√Æ)
• Other specifications: Limited Oil resistant; Antistatic; Tolerance Stable
The CX190 Cogged belts have slots that run perpendicular to the belt’s length reducing the belt’s bending resistance. On of the characteristics of the CX190 Cogged belts is that if they are used with the same pulleys as equivalently rated classical non cogged v belts but they will run cooler, last longer, and have a 2% over classical V-belts. The CX190 could be used with smaller pulleys producing more horsepower and speed into pulleys at lower energy costs.
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Data sheet

Belt Type
Cogged Belt
Top Width
7/8 in
Inside Length
190 in
Outside Length
194 in
17/32 in

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