B151 K Kevlar V Belt Type B

Reference: B151K Kevlar V Belt
Top width: 21/32 in
Height: 7/16 in
Length: 151 in inside, 154 in outside
Magam XHD51540, Gates 69154, Vapormatic V5L1540, Jason MXV51540, Pix B151K, Dayco L5151Bestorq BTQ-5LK1540 - BTQ-B151K, Dealers Choice 5K154DC, Maple Groove Dist 225-154, Stens 258154 - 2580154, Carlisle-Pirelli-Tisco 58X1540, Thermoid 5H1540, Goodyear 851540, Farm & Turf P-B151K, A&I A-B151KOregon 75-5154, 69154BR

Description: B151K Kevlar belt
• Length: 154 in Outside
• Top width: 21/32 in
• Height: 7/16 in
• Inside Length: 151 in
• Material: Dry wrapped aramid cord
• Recommended use: Higher horse power uses and are designed to increase strength and stability and are also designed to have a smoother grip. The material helps resist humidity, high temperatures, oil and cracking
• V-belts B151K are created with an outer rubber impregnated fabric cover that is extremely tough, wear resistant and crack resistant and Synthetic rubber throughout and true Kevlar tensile member. The B151K are very resistant to severe and repeated shock loads. The B151K are great for Lawn & Garden equipment of all types, Ag Equipment and all types of inductrial drives, especially where misalignment clutching or backside idlers are present.
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Data sheet

Belt Type
V Belt
Top Width
21/32 in
Kevlar (Aramid)
Inside Length
151 in
Outside Length
154 in
7/16 in
New product

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