3V250 / Wedge wrapped Belt Type 3V, 3/8 in width

Reference: 3V250
Description: 3V250 Wedge wrapped Belt
Length: 23 in Inside, 25 in Outside
Top Width: 3/8 in
Height: 21/64 in
Equivalent to: 3V-250 , 3V 250 , 3V/250 , Grainger 13V704 BTQ-3V250


Description: 3V250 Wedge wrapped Belt
• Reference: 3V250
• Length: 23 in Inside Length, 25 in Outside Length
• Top Width: 3/8 in
• Height: 21/64 in
• Weight: 0.10 lb
• Material: Rubber cushion, polyester cable cord as reinforcement and rubber impregnated woven cotton-polyester fabric
• Temperature Resistance: -35C to +70C
• Recommended use: Agricultural and Industrial machinery
• Other specifications: Limited Oil resistant, Antistatic, Tolerance Stable
Designed for high speed drives and short center distance
The 3V250 is reinforced with helically wound tensile cords that are specially engineered, twisted, heat and chemically set, polyester material. The 3V250 body rubber compound is a highly engineered synthetic rubber compound, specially compounded for cool running, flexibility, crack resistance, and excellent bonding to the outer fabric and tensile cords. The 3V250 belts exceed USA RMA published ratings levels and are designed to perform at the identical or higher level than all other major USA Manufacturer’s and OEM belts of the same type.
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Data sheet

Belt Type
V Belt
Top Width
3/8 in
Inside Length
23 in
Outside Length
25 in
21/64 in
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