207-3M-06 / HDT Timing Belt 207 mm pitch length

Reference:207-3M-06 HTD Timing belt
Length: 207 mm Pitch Length
Number of theeth: 69
Pitch: 3 mm, Width: 06
Total Height: 2.40 mm, Tooth Height: 1.22 mm
Equivalent to: 207-3M-06 HDT Synchronous Timing Belt, 207-3MGT-06 HDT Timing belt, 207-3M-06 HDT Powergrip

Description: 207-3M-06 HTD Timing Belt
• Reference: 207-3M-06
• Length: 207 mm Pitch Length
• Number of teeth: 69
• Pitch: 3 mm
• Width: 6 mm
• Total Height: 2.40mm
• Tooth Height: 1.22 mm
• Weight: 0.01 lb
• Material: Flexible neoprene backing, fiberglass tensile cord as reinforcement
The 207-3M-06 timing belts offer a reliable, economical and trouble-free alternative to chain drives. 207-3M-06 Timing belts feature an engineered HTD-type tooth profile, engineered to perform well in the common three industry standard pulley tooth profiles, HTD, Gates PowerGrip GT2 pulleys and RPP. Note: They will give slightly lower life in RPP pulleys. The 207-3M-06 belts feature high temperature chloroprene polymer throughout. The 207-3M-06high performance, woven, nylon based, fabric facing material has been engineered and tested for highly wear resistant performance. The backing is precision ground for smooth uniform running.
Other specifications: excellent abrasion and wear resistance.
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Data sheet

Belt Type
Timing Belt
Top Width
6 mm (0.24 in)
Number of Teeth
Pitch Length
207 mm (8.15 in)
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