28480 / Automotive cogged Belt of 48 in effective length

Reference: 28480 Automotive cogged Belt
Length:48 in effective Length, 48.64 in Ouside
Top Width: 17/32 in
Height: 11/32 in
Equivalent to: 28-480


Description: 28480 Automotive cogged Belt
• Reference: 28480
• Length: 48 in effective Length, 48.64 in Outside Length
• Top Width: 22/32 in
• Height: 11/32 in
• Weight: 0.67 lb
• Material: Rubber cushion, polyester cable cord as reinforcement and rubber impregnated woven cotton-polyester fabric
• Temperature Resistance: -35C to +70C
• Recommended use: High power transmission is needed and space is reduced
The 28480 Wrapped Construction Belts have an outer fabric wrap treated with an engineered synthetic rubber compound that is extremely resistant to oil and heat, specifically designed for excellent wear resistance and proven through thousands of testing hours. The 28480 body rubber compound is a highly engineered synthetic rubber compound. The 28480 is designed to withstand torque spikes allowing minimum slip to protect the belt against damage.
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Data sheet

Belt Type
Cogged Belt
Top Width
22/32 in
Pitch Length
48 in
Outside Length
48.64 in
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