D162 V Belt Type D


Reference: D162 V Belt
Top Width: 1-1/4 in
Height: 3/4 in
Length: 162 in Inside, 167 in Outside
Equivalent to: D162, D 162, D-162, A-D162, DP162, Dayco DP162, BTQ-D162, D162 D&D Power Drive


Description: D162 Classical V-Belt

Reference: D162
• Length: 162 in Inside Length, 167 in Outside Length
• Top Width: 1-1/4 in
• Height: 3/4 in
• Weight: 5.34 lb
• Material: Rubber cushion, polyester cable cord as reinforcement and rubber impregnated woven cotton-polyester fabric
• Temperature Resistance: -35C to +70C
• Recommended use: Agricultural and Industrial machinery
• Recommended pulley diameter: More than 355mm (13-15/16")
• Other specifications: Limited Oil resistant, Antistatic, Tolerance Stable

V-belts D162 are commonly used in industrial applications because of their relative low cost, ease of installation. The D162 has a V-shape that makes it easier to keep the belt in sheave grooves on fast moving applications. The biggest operational advantage of the D162 V-belt is the wedging action into the sheave groove. This geometry multiplies the low tensioning force to increase friction on the pulley sidewalls improving the power transmission.
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Data sheet

Belt Type
V Belt
Top Width
1 1/4 in
Inside Length
162 in
Outside Length
167 in
3/4 in
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