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Here are some general guidelines to make sure your belts will perform as they are supposed to:

ü  Belts need to be stored in a dry and cool environment Ideally at less than 85 ⁰F.


ü  Relative Humidity should be no more than 70%.

ü  Sore the belts in shelves or in boxes or containers.

ü  If belt is stored in containers or boxes, make sure the belt is not distorted by the weight of the others.

ü  Avoid storage places with direct sun light exposure, direct air flow from any kind of heating device or exposure to any kind of solvent or chemical exposure.

ü  Do not store belts on the floor unless they are in a protective container.

ü  Belts should not be exposed to ozone or stores in areas where there is ozone generating devices like electric motors or transformers.

ü  Don’t use ties or tape to pull spans tight together.

ü Variable speed belts are more sensitive to distortion that any other v belt and they can’t be hang from pins, hangs or saddlers. They need to be stored on their edges in shelves. And they may be staked as long as you avoid distortion on the belts at the bottom of the stack.

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