Disposable Face Masks
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Disposable Face Masks

Available with ear loop elastic and around the head elastic

  • 3 ply face mask made in the USA.
  • Materials made in Canada.
  • Cup design makes the mask significantly more comfortable to wear for long periods.
  • Foldable design that makes it easy to carry everywhere. 
  • Flexible aluminum nose strip to adjust to any face type.
  • Multilayer design for easy breathing and improved filtration:
  • Two water resistance layers to keep filtration material dry and one main filter material on the center.
  • Non-woven washable material.
  • Safer than the more common disposable flat masks “surgical type" due to a better sealing on the sides and double the thickness in filtration material.

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Reference: Disposable Respirator Blank

Black Ear Loop Face mask Pack of 10

Pack of 15 masks ·      4ply face masks made in USA using ultrasonic technology to seal and provide high quality bond. ·      Outside layers are durable fabric. Water resistant. ·      Middle layer material works as an effective filter ·      Class one flame resistant materials  ·      Flexible nose strip to adjust to any face type. ·      Ear loop...

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