The importance of installing the power transmission belts the correct way. (Safety Regulations)

As most power transmission belts are used as a source of motion to transmit the power in an efficient way or to track relative movements in order to make the machinery work, it is very important to know the right way to install and maintain them.
The first thing you will have to know before installing any kind of power transmission belt is the use and performance you will need it for and the size of it, this will depend on the machine and environment you desire it to work on.
After you have chosen the ideal power transmission belt (flat, cogged, banded, etc.) you must be aware some of the safety regulations before installing the product:


  • If a belt is touched while performing, you could risk to be caught by it, they easily catch objects such as clothes, tools and this might cause severe injuries and machine damage.
  • Before you place or replace the belt, make sure you turn off the machine by the main switch and disconnect it from the power source if it’s possible, just to make sure nothing interrupts the work during maintenance, adjustment or installation.
  • Don’t try to use any belt that was not made for that specific machine and usage you have, use the belt that is indicated for according to your machine requirements. Otherwise, this may cause machine damage.
  • Make sure you or the person who will do it are well authorized to perform this work. A previous knowledge of the handling equipment is necessarily in order to have an adequate functioning of the belt and its duties.