Here is a quick list of common damages that V belts suffer and the causes. Always use your replaced belts as an important source to find problems on your machinery and correct them once you replace your belt. 

 1. Rapid Sidewall Wear caused by: Belts Rubbing Guard, Worn or Damaged Sheaves, Sheaves Misaligned, Insufficient Tension, Wrong Belt Cross-Section or Type, Improper or Prolonged Storage, Excessive Heat, Excessive Oil or Grease, Use of Belt Dressing, Abrasive Environment, Excessive Moisture, Inappropriate Sheave Material, Improper Tensioned Idler

 2. Worn Cover on Back caused by: Defective or Worn Backside Idler, Belts Pried On or Misplaced Slack

 3. Belt Soft, Swollen caused by: Use of Belt Dressing, Excessive Exposure to Oil or Grease

 4. Belt Slips, Squeals (Spin Burn) caused by: Worn or Damaged Sheaves, Insufficient Tension, Wrong Belt Cross-Section or Type, Excessive Oil or Grease, Excessive Moisture, Overload Drive-Under belting, Insufficient Wrap on Small Sheave

 5. Belt Cover Split cause by: Belts Pried On or Misplaced Slack, Foreign Objects In Grooves

 6. Underside Cracked caused by: Excessive Heat, Sheaves Too Small, Undersized Backside Idler, Improperly Positioned Backside Idler, Sheaves Misaligned, Improper Or Prolonged Storage

 7. Missing Cogs caused by: Excessive Heat, Sheaves Too Small, Backside Idler, Sheaves Misaligned, Improper or Prolonged Storage

 8. Cracked Bushings caused by: Excessive Tension, Worn or Damaged Sheaves, Prying open The Split With a Screwdriver